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Jesus Through the CenturiesJesus Through the Centuries

His Place in the History of Culture

Jaroslav Pelikan

Narrated by Nick Sullivan

Available from Audible

Book published by Yale University Press

One of the most highly regarded works of intellectual history of the past decade, Jesus Through the Centuries is an original and compelling study of the impact of Jesus on cultural, political, social, and economic history. Noted historian and theologian Jaroslav Pelikan reveals how the image of Jesus created by each successive epoch—from rabbi in the first century to liberator in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries—is a key to understanding the temper and values of that age.

Jaroslav Pelikan was a scholar in the history of Christianity and medieval intellectual history. He was Sterling Professor of History Emeritus at Yale University and author of more than thirty books, including The Christian Tradition, widely acknowledged as the foremost history of its kind, and Mary Through the Centuries, published by Yale University Press.


“A rich and expansive description of Jesus’ impact on the general history of culture.... Believers and skeptics alike will find it a sweeping visual and conceptual panorama.”

—John Koenig, front page, New York Times Book Review

“An enlightening and often dramatic story ... as stimulating as it is informative.”

—John Gross, New York Times

“A gracious little masterpiece.”

—Thomas D'Evelyn, Christian Science Monitor

“A book of uncommon brilliance.”

—Nathan A. Scott, Jr., Commonweal

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