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Season of the GarSeason of the Gar

Adventures in Pursuit of America's Most Misunderstood Fish

Mark Spitzer

Narrated by Robert E. Prout

Approximately 7 hours


Book published by The University of Arkansas Press

Season of the Gar is a fang-infested, monster-headed, armor-plated romp through the prehistoric swamps and murky rivers of Americaís most feared and demonized fish. Follow Mark Spitzer on his lengthy and often frustrating quest from Texas and Louisiana, Missouri, and Arkansas to catch his own gar. Read about his sometimes bizarre angling adventures in search of this air-breathing freshwater giant (up to ten feet in length and well over three hundred pounds) as he separates fact from fiction. Spitzer draws on folklore, science, history, his own pet gar, and even gar recipes to tell this unique and exciting literary eco-tale about a fish that has inspired imaginations for centuries, a fish many have hated, a fish many have thrown on the shore to die.

Mark Spitzer is assistant professor of writing at the University of Central Arkansas, managing editor of the Exquisite Corpse Annual, and a lifelong, passionate fisherman. Heís the author of a number of novels, story collections, poetry, and translations, and a past resident of Parisís famous Shakespeare and Company bookstore. He was a recent guest and gar guide on a television episode of Animal Planetís River Monsters.

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