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Apollo Pilot
The Fall and Recapture of Detroit in the War of 1812
A Spy's Guide to Santa Fe and Albuquerque
Magic and Alchemy
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Beyond Bombshells
Black November
Wreck of the Carl D.
Slaughter at the Chapel
Humans and the Natural Environment

Humans and the Natural Environment

A Chelsea House Title

Dana Desonie

Narrated by Chuck Burke

Approximately 5 hours


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Book published by Chelsea House

No other species in Earth's history has been able to disregard the natural laws that govern population size quite like humans have. But population growth has come with an increase in resource consumption, which has created a number of environmental problems: Farmland is being degraded, fresh water is becoming polluted, fish are being overharvested, forests are being flattened, fossil fuel emissions are driving global warming, and the list goes on. Many scientists suggest that society must now develop sustainably, improving the current economic and social circumstances while protecting the environment for future generations.

Chelsea House titles offer informative, well written introductions to a wide variety of subjects.



Population: Past, Present, and Future


How Resources Are Used

Use of Water Resources

Problems with Water Use

Sustainable Water Use

Energy from Fossil


Problems with Fossil Fuel Use

The Energy Future

Growing Food

Environmental Costs of Modern Agriculture

Food for the Future

Exploiting Animals for Food

Forests and Deforestation

Are There Too Many People?

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