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Protecting Yellowstone
The Wrath of God
The Only War We Had
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First Day at Gettysburg
Abuse of Power
Into the Breach at Pusan

Narrated by Robert V. Gallant

Approximately 16 hours


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“From its inception, the United States has been both a settler republic and a continental empire, and this intriguing combination provides the departure point of Bethel Saler's ambitious, careful, and nuanced book. The Settlers' Empire moves seamlessly between culture and politics to reveal a complicated world of Anglo American settlers, Indian peoples, French habitants, and Christian missionaries.”

—Richard White, Stanford University

The Settlers' Empire richly reveals the development of the United States through westward settlement and the formation of new territories. Best of all, Bethel Saler nicely illuminates the complex conflicts of a multicultural world uneasily absorbed by the expanding United States.”

—Alan Taylor, author of The Internal Enemy: Slavery and War in Virginia, 1772-1832

“Bethel Saler's authoritative study of the origins of Wisconsin is an important contribution to the history of state-building. Informed by work on postcolonialism and the informal structures of empire, Saler expertly narrates a contingent, contested, and multidimensional story of possession that is as much about family, race, religion, and commerce as it is about warfare and politics.”

—Andrew Cayton, Miami University

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