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The Art of LoveThe Art of Love

Ovid and Rolfe Humphries

Narrated by Tim Lundeen

Approximately 7.5 hours


Downloadable edition:

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Book published by Indiana University Press

In the first century a.d., Ovid, author of the groundbreaking epic poem Metamorphoses, came under severe criticism for The Art of Love, which playfully instructed women in the art of seduction and men in the skills essential for mastering the art of romantic conquest. In this remarkable translation, James Michie breathes new life into the notorious Romanís mock-didactic elegy. In lyrical, irreverent English, he reveals loveís timeless dilemmas and Ovidís enduring brilliance as both poet and cultural critic.


“Humphries has rendered (Ovidís) love poetry with conspicuous success into English.”

Virginia Quarterly Review

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