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Making the CaseMaking the Case

Advocacy and Judgment in Public Argument

Edited by Kathryn M. Olson, Michael William Pfau, Benjamin Ponder and Kirt H. Wilson

Narrated by Stuart Appleton

Available from Audible

Book published by MIchigan State University Press

In an era when the value of the humanities and qualitative inquiry has been questioned in academia and beyond, Making the Case is an engaging and timely collection that brings together a veritable who’s who of public address scholars to illustrate the power of case-based scholarly argument and to demonstrate how critical inquiry into a specific moment speaks to general contexts and theories. Providing both a theoretical framework and a wealth of historically situated texts, Making the Case spans from Homeric Greece to twenty-first-century America. The authors examine the dynamic interplay of texts and their concomitant rhetorical situations by drawing on a number of case studies, including controversial constitutional arguments put forward by activists and presidents in the nineteenth century, inventive economic pivots by Franklin Roosevelt and Alan Greenspan, and the rhetorical trajectory and method of Barack Obama.

Kathryn M. Olson is Professor of Communication at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee.

Michael William Pfau is Associate Professor of Communication at the University of Minnesota–Duluth.

Benjamin Ponder is an executive in the educational software industry.

Kirt H. Wilson is Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Communication Arts and Sciences at Pennsylvania State University.


“This book taps into a critically important area of inquiry... should be of interest to scholars of political communication, history, and US politics generally. Recommended.”


Making the Case is a good read for those interested in public argument, persuasion, history, language, word choice, metaphor, and the fluidity of meaning. Or, in a word — for those interested in rhetoric.”

Legal Communication & Rhetoric

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