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America's Nuclear WastelandsAmerica's Nuclear Wastelands

Politics, Accountability, and Cleanup

Max Singleton Power

Narrated by Todd Belcher

Available from Audible

Book published by Washington State University Press

In America's Nuclear Wastelands, Max S. Power uses non-technical language to present a brief overview of nuclear weapons history and contamination issues, as well as a description of the institutional and political environment. He provides a background for understanding the major value conflicts and associated political dynamics, and makes recommendations for navigating long-term stewardship, but his key purpose is to demonstrate the critical role of public participation, and in so doing, encourage citizens to take action regarding local and national policies related to nuclear production and waste disposal.

Max Singleton Power is a government consultant with a long career in Pacific Northwest nuclear waste issues. He is currently serving as a governor-appointed public member of the Oregon Hanford Cleanup Board and also is a neutral member of the Hanford Concerns Council.


“A well-reasoned, factual account of the difficulties associated with the cleanup of nuclear wastelands. Power, a government consultant involved in nuclear waste issues in the Pacific Northwest, does a very good job of reducing many of the complexities to lay terms and provides some useful boxes of pertinent information... America's Nuclear Wastelands does an excellent job of describing the political process of achieving a desirable environmental goal with numerous competing interests. In this sense, it is highly valuable because the political issues often dominate the issue of nuclear cleanup. ”


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