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Philosophy and Ecology after the End of the World

Timothy Morton

Narrated by Dave Wright

Available from Audible

Book published by University of Minnesota Press

The world as we know it has already come to an end

Global warming is perhaps the most dramatic example of what Timothy Morton calls “hyperobjects”—entities of such vast temporal and spatial dimensions that they defeat traditional ideas about what a thing is in the first place. Morton explains what hyperobjects are and their impact on how we think, how we coexist, and how we experience our politics, ethics, and art.

Timothy Morton is Rita Shea Guffey Chair in English at Rice University. He is the author of many books, including The Ecological Thought and Ecology without Nature.


“In Hyperobjects, Timothy Morton brings to bear his deep knowledge of a wide array of subjects to propose a new way of looking at our situation, which might allow us to take action toward the future health of the biosphere. Crucially, the relations between Buddhism and science, nature and culture, are examined in the fusion of a single vision. The result is a great work of cognitive mapping, both exciting and useful.”

—Kim Stanley Robinson, author of Shaman, 2312

“With the concept of world melted by global warming, Timothy Morton gives us a new and much needed concept, the hyperobject, and surrounds it with a consciousness of the planet that is not ours. In these times, there can be no critical theory or philosophical meditation without turning to Morton's writings; at once political, poetic, and personal, they offer a brilliant elaboration of object-oriented ontology.”

—Patricia Ticineto Clough, author of Autoaffection: Unconscious Thought in the Age of Teletechnology

“Not only does Morton range from William Wordsworth to the Velvet Underground to Nagasaki to Republican denialism, he does it in a way that marshals these disparate allusions in the service of a cogent idea, one that manages to come off as both intuitive and radical.”


“This book is bold, stimulating, and provocative. With extraordinary verve and audacity, Morton makes his hyperobjects into harbingers for a new epoch, on a planetary scale, a task in which he is assisted by the general consensus about the Anthropocene, the current era of human-induced planetary change. ”

Los Angeles Review of Books

“Whatever your hopes or fears for the next major era in human history, Morton is telling us that it has already happened and it is us.”

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