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The Secret Life of Bacon Tait, a White Slave Trader Married to a Free Woman of Color
Making March Madness
The Fundamentals of Public Relations
If You Tame Me
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The Snake River-Palouse and the Invasion of the Inland Northwest
The Vampire
Shays's Rebellion
Eben Smith
Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar

A Chelsea House Title

Samuel Williard Crompton

Narrated by John Lescault

Available from Audible

Book published by Chelsea House

History records few individuals as brilliant, powerful, and ruthless as Julius Caesar. Born into the Roman aristocracy, he surpassed the reputation of his family and altered the history of Rome and the Mediterranean world. When Caesar was born in 100 B.C., Rome was a city-state with a republican form of government. When he died in 44 B.C., Rome was on its way to becoming an empire. In those short 56 years, Caesar conquered the Gauls, began the Roman conquest of Britain, and campaigned from Spain to Egypt. Learn about this master politician’s rise to power, and how he used alliances, as well as his own military skill, to become one of the ancient world’s most powerful leaders.

John Lescault (narrator) has narrated more than a hundred audiobooks for The Library of Congress and major companies. He is the winner of multiple Earphones Awards (AudioFile).


Roman Youth

A Political Education

The Great Triumvirate

Caesar in Gaul

Caesar in Germany and Britain

The Confederacy of Vercingetorix

The Civil War

Egypt and Cleopatra

The Longest Year

The Republic is Dead, Long Live the Empire

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