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Medgar Evers

Travel On Southern Antebellum Railroads, 1828-1860Travel On Southern Antebellum Railroads, 1828-1860

Eugene Alvarez

Narrated by Micah W. Lee

Available from Audible

Book published by University of Alabama Press

The matter-of-fact descriptive title of this interesting little volume on railroading in the pre-Civil War South does not do justice to Alvarez’s coverage of the subject. Along with his full account of trains and train accommodations, he manages to encompass a number of social, political, and even ideological subjects.

Eugene Alvarez is a retired college professor of the University System of Georgia.


“Here is a carefully researched account of all aspects of railroading—engines, cars, life aboard, perils of the road, stations—with much contemporary flavor [from] this boisterous era.”

Anniston Star

“A charming and informative examination of the early years of railroads. It is also history of the kind I like best: a study not of great events or momentous trends, but of how people lived.”

Miami Herald

“Excellently and extensively illustrated and can be recommended to all interested in trains and southern social history.”

Journal of Southern History

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