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Ready for AnythingReady for Anything

The Making of a Change Leader

Jeff Haldeman

Narrated by Capt. Kevin F. Spalding USNR-Ret

Available from Audible

Book published by Cognella Academic Publishing

Incorporating ideas and insights from diverse sources, Ready for Anything: The Making of a Change Leader examines organizational change leadership from a radical, existential perspective. By drawing on disciplines outside the business field, the material broadens readers' understanding of how organizations live, breathe, grow, and die, and empowers them to act.

Recognizing that management tools alone are not necessarily enough to create change, the book presents fresh ideas such as using metaphor to change your experience at work, the psychological dilemmas of leadership, moving from a state of dysfunction to a state of grace, and the impact of intentionality as the power source of meaningful change.

Each chapter features an essay on a change-related topic, brief case scenarios, and reflection questions that encourage self-examination and discovery. Combining a holistic view of management and leadership with a dedication to the view that everyone is responsible for the reality they create, both at work and in life, Ready for Anything: The Making of a Change Leader offers a fresh, vital viewpoint that will benefit courses on management and organizational behavior.

Jeff Haldeman is a professor of management in the George Herbert Walker School of Business and Technology at Webster University in St. Louis. His professional writing has appeared in numerous journals including the Journal of Management and Marketing and Human Relations.

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