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Positive Psychology and Well-BeingPositive Psychology and Well-Being

Applications for Enhanced Living

Frederick Brown and Cynthia LaJambe

Narrated by Rosemary Benson

Available from Audible

Book published by Cognella Academic Publishing

Positive Psychology and Well-Being: Applications for Enhanced Living introduces readers to well-being from a positive psychology perspective, one of the original missions of psychology as a science, and encourages adopting proactive approaches to healthy living. It provides guidance for enhancing and maintaining life-long well-being.

Topics range from strengthening our immune system through nutrition, exercise, and sleep to recognizing physical and psychological stressors resulting from unhealthy lifestyles, ineffective thinking, unaccommodated differences, and poor communication. This book describes the breadth of gender identities and ways to maintain long-term healthy friendships that include pair bonding, marriage, and alternative relationships. It addresses integrating work and leisure activities to enhance awareness of personal consciousness and social responsibility. It discusses developing an individual value system that makes life worthwhile, by finding connectedness to others and the universe. Sources of values include personal knowledge, cultural values, religion and spirituality, and scientific information.

Frederick Brown is associate professor in cognitive psychology at The Pennsylvania State University, University Park. He is a member of the International Positive Psychology Association, Health and Wellness division, and is co-Editor of the division's newsletter, Chronicle of Advances in Positive Health and Well-Being.

Cynthia LaJambe is a human factors specialist and data analyst for the Larson Transportation Institute at Penn State and a member of the Health and Wellness division of the International Positive Psychology Association.

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