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The Snake River-Palouse and the Invasion of the Inland NorthwestThe Snake River-Palouse and the Invasion of the Inland Northwest

Clifford E. Trafzer and Richard D. Scheuerman

Narrated by Michael C. Jones

Available from Audible

Book published by Washington State University Press

This award-winning title sensitively retells the compelling saga of western expansion and Indian-white conflict from a Native American perspective. The Snake River-Palouse resisted immigrant encroachment and fought a losing battle to retain their way of life. The Whitman Massacre, as well a refusal to enter into U.S. government treaties, left them with a hostile reputation among the newcomers. With settlers increasingly demanding their removal and no reservation of their own, these Inland Northwest Indians faced extermination by the end of the nineteenth century. Examining written and oral evidence left by both indigenous and white cultures, this book presents the Snake River-Palouse as important actors in events and demonstrates how their initiative and decisions influenced the course of history. This revised edition offers a new introduction by the authors and a new foreword by Chief Tilcoax descendent Wilson Wewah.

Clifford E. Trafzer is Distinguished Professor of History at UC Riverside. He is the author of several books on Native American social-cultural history.

Richard D. Scheuerman is on the Emeritus Faculty of Seattle Pacific University.

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