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Harry Potter and PhilosophyHarry Potter and Philosophy

If Aristotle Ran Hogwarts

David Baggett, Shawn E. Klein and William Irwin

Narrated by Scott Carrico

Available from Audible

Book published by Open Court

David Baggett teachers philosophy at King’s College, Pennsylvania.

Shawn E. Klein teaches philosophy at Arizona State University.

William Irwin is Herve A. LeBlanc Distinguished Service Professor and Chair of Philosophy at King's College, Pennsylvania. Irwin's latest books are Little Siddhartha and God Is a Question, Not an Answer.


Harry Potter and Philosophy is the most enjoyable HP spin-off I’ve read—and I’ve read most of them. Some chapters are so full of good reflections, clear thinking, and reliable scholarship, I couldn’t resist reading entire passages aloud. Our family plans to read these thought-provoking essays at the dinner table, sparking intelligent conversation with our teen- and college-aged children—Harry Potter fans all.”

—Connie Neal, author of The Gospel According to Harry Potter

“With insight, humor, and a style and structure true to the world and characters of Hogwarts, David Baggett and Shawn E. Klein have compiled a wonderful, stimulating book of philosophical insights. From the Slytherins and ambition-as-virtue to feminism and the women of Hogwarts, readers will enjoy stretching beyond the normal boundaries of Muggles’ classrooms.”

—Roderic Owen, Professor of Philosophy, Mary Baldwin College

“Even Muggles who see Harry’s adventures as only stories or who find little value in popular culture will learn something from Harry Potter and Philosophy. The book is a wonderful selection of essays written from a variety of perspectives. Invariably the contributors are knowledgeable, perceptive, and inspiring.”

—Edmund M. Kern, author of The Wisdom of Harry Potter

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