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Fire in AmericaFire in America

A Cultural History of Wildland and Rural Fire

Stephen J. Pyne

Narrated by Jack de Golia

Available from Audible

Book published by University of Washington Press

From prehistory to the present-day conservation movement, Pyne explores the efforts of successive American cultures to master wildfire and to use it to shape the landscape.

Pyne was named by Science magazine as "the world's leading authority on the history of fire."

The narrator of Fire in America, Jack de Golia, served as a firefighter with the National Park Service and then as a fire information officer for the NPS, Bureau of Land Management and US Forest Service. Highlights of his 34-year career include the 1988 Yellowstone fires and the recovery of the Space Shuttle Collumbia in 2003.

Stephen J. Pyne is professor emeritus at Arizona State University. He spent fifteen seasons with the North Rim Longshots fire crew and three seasons writing fire plans for the National Park Service. He is author of the critically acclaimed Cycle of Fire books.


“A unique contribution to the history of science and technology, as well as to cultural history in general.”


“No one interested in environmental history can afford to ignore this massive achievement.”

Journal of American History

“On rare occasions, the historical literature is enriched by the introduction of a broad new field for study, by a book that dramatically expands the boundaries of scholarly investigation. Stephen Pyne’s Fire in America is such a book. It achieves the Promethean goal of bringing fire to history.”


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