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An American ProvenceAn American Provence

Thomas P. Huber

Narrated by Scott Carrico

Available from Audible

Book published by University Press of Colorado

In this poetic personal narrative, Thomas P. Huber reflects on two seemingly unrelated places—the North Fork Valley in western Colorado and the Coulon River Valley in Provence, France—and finds a shared landscape and sense of place.

What began as a simple comparison of two like places in distant locations turned into a more complex, interesting, and personal task. Much is similar—the light, the valleys, the climate, the agriculture. And much is less so—the history, the geology, the physical makeup of villages. Using a geographer's eye and passion for the land and people, Huber examines the regions' similarities and differences to explore the common emotional impact of each region. Part intimate travelogue and part case study of geography in the real world, An American Provence illuminates the importance sense of place plays in who we are.


“Tom Huber's perspectives, rooted in geography and the sense of place, should awaken readers to a work that refines the definition of a nonfiction narrative.... Huber shines in his ability to evaluate his perceptions of sensory qualitites that are influenced by a variety of physiological and psychological factors and his ability to draw out and articulate those criteria that are often hidden in subtle cultural influences.”

—Douglas Fowler, Center for Colorado and the West

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