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Multisensory ExperiencesMultisensory Experiences

Where the senses meet technology

Carlos Velasco and Marianna Obrist

Narrated by Gary Roelofs

Available from Audible

Book published by Oxford University Press

Based on advances on the senses and technology, the work presents a significant new interpretation of multisensory experiences

Multisensory Experiences provides the reader with insights as to how to understand multisensory experiences, create them, and how new technologies are allowing new multisensory experiences beyond imaginable.

Velasco and Obrist set out a call for action based on the implications of multisensory experiences for individuals and society.

This audiobook empowers you to shape your own and other people's experiences, by considering the multisensory worlds that we live in, through a journey that marries science and practice. It also shows how we can take advantage of the senses, and how they shape our experiences through intelligent technological design.


Multisensory Experiences is a fascinating exploration that gives the reader a new understanding of our relation to human experience and the world around us. This book is a must read for anyone in the business of designing experiences, be that in a room, on a screen, on a plate, in a headset or wine glass. This book delights and inspires showing us a world of possibility that technology can bring to mulitsensory experiences. This book builds on the mindfulness revolution by giving us more complex, layered and detailed understanding of human sensory experience and how we may choose to modify that with technology.”

—Birch Hamilton, Executive Director Screen Directors Guild of Ireland, Ireland

“t's easy to overlook given our contemporary screen-based dependence on swiping and typing, but our experience of the world goes beyond sight and touch, to include smell, taste, and sound-an entire universe of rich perceptual experiences our senses create in concert with each other. Who better to serve as our guides to the opportunities and responsibilities that accompany multisensory design than Marianna Obrist and Carlos Velasco, with their very different backgrounds and shared sense of curiosity and playfulness.”

—Nicola Twilley, Co-host of Gastropod, USA

“Traveling and eating are experiences of the five senses. We recognize the world through the window of the five senses. However, for a long time, only the visual and auditory windows were open to the digital world. This book introduces, with rich examples, how state-of-the-art digital media such as virtual reality can change the relationship between computer and us. I hope this book is a looking glass that reveals a way of understanding how technology can enrich our everyday life.”

—Masahiko Inami, Professor, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo


  1. The exciting world of multisensory experiences
  2. Fundamentals of multisensory experiences
  3. The human senses meet technology
  4. Beyond the known and into the unknown future
  5. Laws of multisensory experiences

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