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The End of Stress as We Know ItThe End of Stress as We Know It

Bruce S. McEwen and Elizabeth Lasley

Narrated by Robert E. Dobbs

Available from Audible

Book published by DANA Press

The End of Stress as We Know It provides readers with the "gold standard" in understanding how their bodies work under stress and why they have the power to avoid its debilitating effects. Bruce McEwen, Ph.D., one of the world's authorities on the subject of stress, here provides unshakable evidence of how mind and body work together either for good or for ill when we are challenged by life's events.

Describing the subtle damage that comes from failing to turn off the body's danger alert system, Dr. McEwen shows how chemicals activated during stressful situations can protect the body under acute conditions, and how, when chronically activated, they can cause long-lasting harm. He counsels that many stress management programs can help us, if we understand the powerful mind-body forces activated by stress.

The premise of this book is that knowledge is power. By learning how the body reacts to large and small challenges in our lives, by understanding how we put ourselves in situations that cause upheaval in our minds and bodies, we can make the best choices—backed up by the latest scientific knowledge.


“McEwen's book is skillfully written and will appeal to a wide readership.”

Library Journal

“A fascinating read...the wealth of facts have been brilliantly summarized in an often entertaining manner... ”


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