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Under the Table BooksUnder the Table Books

Todd Walton

Narrated by Todd Walton

Book published by Lost Coast Press

Under the Table Books is a funny, sexy, thought-provoking novel of stories. Underscored by his original piano compositions, Todd Walton's dramatic reading of his novel brings to life the inviting and mysterious world of a one-of-a-kind bookstore, haven to a fascinating family of social outcasts, visionaries, and cutting-edge artists. This mythically real bookstore is both community center and grand experiment in pragmatic mysticism.

The cast includes poets, musicians, master chefs, a 10-year-old genius, a former movie star, 88-year-old identical twins, and a homeless savant who may have once been the richest man on earth. Yet for all their eccentricities, each character is an authentic and lovable soul with whom readers and listeners will identify and care deeply about as this first volume of an ongoing saga builds to its myriad dramatic conclusions.

Todd Walton is the author of Louie and Women, Inside Moves, Forgotten Impulses, Ruby and Spear, Buddha in a Teacup, and other works of fiction. His books have been published by Doubleday, Simon & Schuster, Dutton, Bantam, and others. The film adaptation of Inside Moves won an Oscar nomination for its co-star and continues to attract fans. University Press Audiobooks publishes several titles by Todd Walton, including Inside Moves, Louie & Women, and Ruby and Spear.


“These stories add up to one great big story that knocked me out.”

—Bruce Anderson, Editor, The Anderson Valley Advertiser

All titles are published by:
University Press Audiobooks
an imprint of Redwood Audiobooks

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