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Louie & WomenLouie & Women

Todd Walton

Narrated by Beth Richmond

Available from Audible

Book published by Dark Coast Press

Louie & Women, originally published by Dutton, is a modern picaresque adventure story of love, obsession, death, music, destiny, and rebirth. It's Todd Walton's third novel, one of his best reviewed.

Louie Cameron, once a successful architect and musician, now a vagabond, is wounded while defending a damsel in distress, which leads him to become entangled in the lives of Andrea, an artist and professor, and her parents, habitués of a remote beach house in northern California. The blossoming of deep love between Louie and Andrea gives Louie the courage to return to Santa Cruz to make peace with Marie, the former love of his life, with unforeseen and startling consequences befalling him every step of his way.

Told in the alternating voices of the four fascinating leading ladies of the tale, Louie & Women is by turns funny, sad, beautiful, mysterious, tragic, and uplifting.

Todd Walton is the author of Louie and Women, Inside Moves, Forgotten Impulses, Ruby and Spear, Buddha in a Teacup, and other works of fiction. His books have been published by Doubleday, Simon & Schuster, Dutton, Bantam, and others. The film adaptation of Inside Moves won an Oscar nomination for its co-star and continues to attract fans. University Press Audiobooks publishes several titles by Todd Walton, including Inside Moves, Louie & Women, and Ruby and Spear.

Beth Richmond (narrator) has narrated dozens of audiobooks for major companies.


“So enchanting that men will cheer and shout, and women themselves...will sigh, and wish (God help them) they knew someone like Louie.”

—Carolyn See, Los Angeles Times


The New Yorker

“A solid and alive work by a very perceptive young writer. Full of freshness and soul. ”

California Magazine

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