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Understanding BuddhismUnderstanding Buddhism

Nolan Pliny Jacobson

Narrated by Jeremy Donahue

Available from Audible

Book published by Southern Illinois University Press

Jacobson presents Buddhism unen­cumbered by Western categories and concepts, free from the cognitive bias, from the concept-oriented, definition-minded preoccupations inherited from the ancient Greeks. It is an interpreta­tion of the central ideas that have charac­terized all forms of Buddhism for 25 centuries.

Nolan Pliny Jacobson is the author of The Heart of Buddhist Philosophy, Buddhism: The Religion of Analysis, and Buddhism and the Contemporary World: Change and Self-Correction.


Understanding Buddhism is one of the most beautiful and least-known books on Buddhism in English, a series of fresh, often stunningly original, essays.”

—Huston Smith and Philip Novak, Buddhism: A Concise Introduction

Understanding Buddhism is at once historical, philosophical, dialogic, and humanistic. Jacobson’s approach is profoundly intercultural and universal.”

—Kenneth K. Inada

Understanding Buddhism is an extremely well organized study, reflecting clear thinking and lucid style.... The scholarly approach is outstanding.... The width and depth of the author’s knowledge of both Western and Buddhist traditional ideas are far beyond what is often presented as a comparative study.”

—Herbert Guenther

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