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The Cosmic BlueprintThe Cosmic Blueprint

New Discoveries in Nature's Creative Ability to Order the Universe

Paul Davies

Narrated by David Colacci

Available from Audible

Book published by Templeton Press

In the preface to the 2004 edition, Paul Davies writes, “If the laws of the universe really are a sort of cosmic blueprint, as I suggest, they may also be a blueprint for survival.”

This critically acclaimed book explains how recent scientific advances are transforming our understanding of the emergence of complexity and organization in the universe.

Melding a variety of ideas and disciplines from biology, fundamental physics, computer science, mathematics, genetics, and neurology, Davies presents his provocative theory on the source of the universe's creative potency. He explores the new paradigm (replacing the centuries-old Newtonian view of the universe) that recognizes the collective and holistic properties of physical systems and the power of self-organization. He casts the laws in physics in the role of a "blueprint," embodying a grand cosmic scheme that progressively unfolds as the universe develops.

Challenging the viewpoint that the physical universe is a meaningless collection of particles, he finds overwhelming evidence for an underlying purpose: "Science may explain all the processes whereby the universe evolves its own destiny, but that still leaves room for there to be a meaning behind existence."

Paul Davies is professor of natural philosophy in the Australian Centre for Astrobiology at Macquarie University. His research has spanned the fields of cosmology, gravitation, and quantum field theory, with particular emphasis on black holes and the origin of the universe. He is currently working on the problem of the origin of life and the search for life on Mars. He is a well-known author, broadcaster, and public lecturer and has written over twenty-five books. Among his better-known works are God and the New Physics, The Mind of God, About Time, The Fifth Miracle, and How to Build a Time Machine. In recognition of his work as an author, he was elected as Fellow of The Royal Society of Literature in 1999.

David Colacci (narrator) has narrated more than a hundred audiobooks for major companies and is the winner of multiple Earphones Awards (AudioFile).


“An exciting and formidable book.”


“Paul Davies is rapidly becoming the Isaac Asimov of modern cosmology.”

—Jeremy Bernstein, The New York Times

“Science expositor and physics professor Davies has written a fascinating book in which he examines the centuries-old conflict between holism and reductionism: What is the source of the universe’s creative potency? He argues that the basic stuff of the universe matter and energy is not simply inert, but has the ability to self-organize. Drawing on recent discoveries from biology, fundamental physics, cosmology, and brain research, Davies argues that the universe is developing an essential, unfolding pattern and order. While highly debatable, this is a provocative book that should be widely read.”

Library Journal

“Unquestionably, Paul Davies has established himself as one of the most felicitous writers on physics at the frontier.”

—Abdus Salam, Nobel Laureate in Physics, Nature


Preface to the 2004 Edition

Preface to the First Edition

Chapter 1: Blueprint for a Universe

Chapter 2: The Missing Arrow

Chapter 3: Complexity

Chapter 4: Chaos

Chapter 5: Charting the Irregular

Chapter 6: Self-Organization

Chapter 7: Life: Its Nature

Chapter 8: Life: Its Origin and Evolution

Chapter 9: The Unfolding Universe

Chapter 10: The Source of Creation

Chapter 11: Organizing Principles

Chapter 12: The Quantum Factor

Chapter 13: Mind and Brain

Chapter 14: Is There a Blueprint?

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